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Project Background
With over 150 years of experience, Bühler Group a multinational corporation from Switzerland is a global market leader in basic foods processing, chemical processing engineering and metal die-casting. The group operates in over 140 countries with more than 80 branches, and a global payroll of 7700. Its sales revenues reached CHF 1.9 billion in the 2008 fiscal year.
In mid-2010, the completion of the group’s new English website set off an effort to localize the site into Chinese. With experience translating technical documents for the group, MTS passed all the language service provider quality assessment tests, including the technical test, trial translation, and on-the-spot inspection. In Oct. 2010, MTS officially started the localization project.
  • Guaranteeing excellent translation quality: The client required the translation to be of a high quality. Therefore, a minimum possible number of qualified translators and proofreaders were to be assigned to the project to enhance the consistency, coherence and accuracy of the translation.
  • Adjusting to the brand new working platform: Bühler Group’s new website was installed with Reddot (an outstanding content management system), which is capable of translating, updating and maintaining multilingual content when integrated with the computer aided translation solution program produced by Across Language Server (a platform for language resources and translation management). Although through working with clients such as KE-COMMUNICATION, MTS gained experience in carrying out translation projects using the Across platform, however we had never before deployed the server at an enterprise-level. Moreover, because language service providers in Mainland China rarely adopt Across as their working platform, translators scarcely know how to use this highly integrated translation tool which is efficient in process control.
  • Managing large-scale and complex projects: The client required that within 3 months we were to go through a complex project process including system testing, translating 300,000 English words, proofreading and revising, updating and maintaining the translation memory system, and quality control. During the process, effective communication was established among a number of departments across MTS, in Bühler’s Switzerland headquarters and in the group’s Chinese branch.
Our Solutions
  • Professional project team
    According to the client’s quality and process control criteria, we assigned the project to a special team composed of qualified staff selected from various departments. During the 3 months, a Business Manager was especially appointed to keep in touch with his counterpart in Bühler Group. The Project Manager was accountable for task distribution and process control. Linguists appointed by the client worked on the translation and proofreading, and experienced technicians were responsible for managing and maintaining the Across Language Server. Regarding key issues and milestone scheduling, constructive conversations were held between senior managers from both sides to work out win-win solutions.
  • Reliable technology
    1. At the outset of the project when an agreement was reached with Bühler GROUP, MTS purchased and deployed the Across Language Server 5.0.
    2. MTS offered instructions for translating and project managing using Across to project staff including the Business Manager, translators, proofreaders and Project Manager. A detailed instruction manual for the tool was also made. All this pre-prepared information was essential to the execution of the project.
    3. The Across system with strict process control management has always been unique among translation software in the industry. A new version was released whilst our project was being carried out. Consequently, both sides were confronted with a range of problems resulting from adopting the new version. Throughout the project, MTS technicians helped the client solve problems in software configurations and its application. Their expertise and dedicated attitude won them praise from the client’s senior managers.
The localization project of Bühler Group’s website was completed in Feb. 2011. The project not only promotes Bühler Group’s brand image in the global market, but also won MTS the complete trust of, and high praise from, the client. Based on the new working platform, relying on a mature project team, and depending on greater cooperation and a profound mutual understanding, Bühler Group and MTS formally signed a long term contract in Mar. 2011.