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For more than a decade, Master Translation Services has been committed to providing consistently high quality Chinese, Japanese and Korean translation services for our esteemed clients and outsourcing partners all over the world.

In keeping with that commitment, MTS has developed and implemented a rigorous quality assurance process: MTS QA Process and Metrics. It is based on SAE J2450 and Lisa QA Model 3.0, but goes much further. We adapt them to suit the peculiarities of Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages and integrate them fully into the project management, production and quality process.

This process has proved very effective and essential in maintaining the highest quality in our resulting works, and has won us recognition and respect from Fortune 500 companies and world famous translation and localization service providers.

MTS firmly believes that the success of any software localization and translation project relies on employing the right people with the right tools and engaging them in the right process. As a demanding and labor-intensive task, translation requires technical knowledge of your subject matter, efficient communication among all parties involved, careful selection of linguistic, technical experts, and effective project management.

To provide you with the highest-quality translation and localization service, MTS focuses its attention on three key areas: