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A large portion of the Web community does not understand that the web is not really "Worldwide". In fact, it has been evaluated that a website referenced in only English-speaking search engines overlook about 95% of its potential Asian audience.

Again, website localization implies much more than just translation. Not only should the content be localized but the site should be properly indexed and referenced in local search engines, which requires in-depth knowledge of search techniques.

Typical Localization Projects include:
  • Creating culturally-appropriate iconography and graphics, primarily with the interface
  • Translating any content, static or dynamic
  • Translating back-end database contents
  • For tutorials or online help, providing culturally relevant example and tutorial subjects
  • Performing in-context quality assurance on the final in-language product to ensure it is user-friendly, internally consistent and precise
  • Cross-platform browser or client testing
In MTS, we combine the perfect mix of linguistic, technical, and marketing expertise to help you maximize your impact on the Web, covering all East-Asian-language-speaking territories. For a fraction of the median cost, MTS manifests a competitive Web business community.
website localization case website localization case website localization case