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CAT Course Offered by MTS Added on XMU's MTI Curriculum

[April 21, 2011]

Starting from February 2011, MTS at the invitation of Xiamen University's College of Foreign Languages and Cultures offers a Computer-Aided Translation course to the college's MTI postgraduates.

The two-credit course lasting 16 weeks requires 32 course hours. Lecturers and senior executives at MTS will lecture on topics such as the translation industry, computer-aided translation information and translation management know-how. These lectures are intended to cultivate students’ practical skills for their future careers.

In planning the course, various teaching methods have been adopted to offer the students a better understanding. Facts and Figures are presented while describing the current situation and future development of the industry. Practical demonstrations are given while explaining the working mechanisms of CAT software. In class training is provided to assist students in grasping the application and operation of CAT software. The course mainly involves the following subjects and activities:

1. Current situation and future development of the industry
2. Education and opportunities for translators and interpreters
3. Industry-specific quality assurance systems
4. Training in the application of state-of-the-art CAT software
5. Training in the application of pre- and post-translation software
6. Translation project management
7. Visiting MTS and applying for an internship at MTS

As the largest translation service provider in Fujian, MTS has been involved in training talent for the industry over the past 10 years. Not only has MTS gained enormous resources and a wealth of experience, but also developed a theory and practice unique in its own way. The course not only provides MTS with a chance to summarize experience and improve our talent training ability, but also responds to and fulfills the students’ requirements for improving their practical skills. The company actively undertakes its corporate social responsibility by participating in this university-industry collaboration, and is actively creating the first all-new effective training mechanism for the industry.

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