Process » Production

The production process refers to the translation of documents for their intended readers. At MTS, in-house linguists are mainly responsible for producing source-to-target translations. Before initiating a production process, a linguist will be appointed coordinator of the project, who will be responsible for communicating with the client regarding translation requirements and guaranteeing a punctual delivery. The production process consists of the following three consecutive stages:

  • Translating:
  • Native speakers of the target languages produce accurate translations; the translated texts will accurately and unambiguously convey the right meaning of the source text in accordance with recognized rules and recommendations, retain the style of the source document and contain no spelling or typo errors.

  • Editing/proofreading:
  • On the basis of MTS Quality Metrics, translated texts are thoroughly edited/proofread by experienced native speakers of the target languages who have expertise in the specific technical field.

  • Reviewing/approving:
  • A final review of the translated texts is carried out, checking for consistency, accuracy, and design integrity, ensuring there is no cultural misunderstanding or potential negative cultural impact. Finalize the text to ensure it conveys the exact meaning of the source text, in both formatting and content.