Process » Project Analysis

A project analysis is the first step we take when we receive translation requests from our clients. A full understanding of clients’ needs and the characteristics of a particular document is the foundation for success.

  • Effective communication:
  • Appoint a project manager to coordinate cooperation among linguists and ensure effective communications with clients.

  • Project evaluation:
  • Select the most efficient translation tool, accurately calculate word count, evaluate the difficulty level, search for reference materials, etc.

  • Project scheduling:
  • Work out a timetable covering the whole course of a translation including a deadline for the first draft translation, editing/proofreading and a review. We rigidly adhere to the timetable unless significant changes are to be made, such as clients’ requests for early delivery.

  • Pre-treatment:
  • Before moving to the next step, edits to the format and contents of certain documents are necessary; to produce consistent translations, a well-maintained translation memory may be used. The pre-treatment of documents not only allows linguists to focus on translation quality, but also helps to minimize costs and improve consistency.