Process » Quality Assurance

We have a dedicated Quality Management Dept. who are responsible for providing high quality services, conducting regular quality inspections, holding regular training sessions for our linguists and other issues related to quality assurance.

  • Project assessment:
  • After all documents have been delivered to clients, review every detail of a project, including whether the timetable has been kept to, whether clients’ expectations have been met, whether quality standards have been adhered to and whether there is any experience to gain from or lessons to learn.

  • Sampling inspection:
  • Randomly inspect translated texts on a regular basis and provide improvement suggestions to linguists.

  • Handling feedbacks:
  • Deal with all customer feedback and complaints by further reviewing the translated texts, making necessary changes and keeping records for further reference.

  • Quality monitoring:
  • Act as a bridge for exchanging information between clients and our linguists by proactively asking clients for comments on translations and services we provide, and giving advice to our linguists on how to ensure a high quality translation.