Process » Translation Quality Metrics

Our Quality Metrics was designed integrating the standard practice of the industry with advanced calculation methodology and our decades-old experience. It provides a method for classifying and weighing translation errors and thus calculates a score for translation quality.

With the quality metrics, we are able to assess translation quality in terms of the following parameters:

  • Semantic - The target text should accurately and unambiguously convey the right meaning of the source text, with no interpretational errors.

  • Terminology - Accurate terms should be used in specialized fields, such as science & technology, law, finance, etc.

  • Grammar & Syntactic - All elements in a sentence, such as words and phrases, should be organized according to the grammatical and syntactic requirements of the target languages.

  • Style - The target text should retain the style of the source, such as elegant, formal or colloquial. Never use outdated or culturally inappropriate expressions or wording.

  • Omission & Addition -Refers to the when any meaning not explicitly expressed in the source is added, or segments that are semantically important are deleted in the target.

  • Structure & Agreement - A Structure Error occurs when an otherwise correct target word or term is expressed in an incorrect morphological form. An Agreement Error occurs when two or more target words disagree in any form of inflection.

  • Spelling & Typos - The target text should contain no spelling or typo errors.

  • Punctuation, Capitalization, Spacing & formatting - The target text should use punctuation marks correctly in accordance with recognized rules and recommendations of the target language.

  • Miscellaneous error - Errors related to the target language which are not clearly attributable to one of the above categories.

Once error categories have been assigned, different weights and severity levels are assigned to each error occurred and a final quality score is obtained, offering us an insight into the translation quality of a specific job.