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CNNGo is a tourism website set up in 2009 by CNN, observing local news and tourist attractions in Hongkong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok, Mumbai and Singapore, the website offered in four languages - English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. We received orders for English into Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese translations from our overseas partner for all articles posted on the website.


  • Large amounts of news and articles keep pouring in. What's more, the client requires projects to be submitted in certain quantities within tight deadlines.
  • The website consists of 6 sections – Life, Eating, Drinking, Shopping, Playing and Escape. Linguists need to spend more time researching the local names of food, hotels, interests, and on biographies, rather than on translation work.
  • The client requires vivid translations while being faithful to the source. As a result, the original Translation Memory (TM) can only be adapted to specific contexts instead of being used directly.

Our Solutions:

  • We tracked down and assigned a few of the most appropriate linguists for the job. They all have a rich knowledge of press releases from long-term translation experience, and can always guarantee high quality and a quick delivery.
  • A dedicated TM was set up in our system, which is updated daily with submissions to ensure a consistent style and wording.
  • A Quality Manager was appointed to finalize and debug the translations to avoid any objective errors.


We have completed translations totaling over 280,000 words, winning our client with good quality and prompt delivery.
Please refer to for examples of our work.